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Contextual advertising for online gambling sites
Contextual advertising for online gambling sites involves the explanation of the programs designed for people who wish to expand and earn from dedicated gambling related web sites. Contextual Ad Network for Gambling Websites does just that. It helps monetize the gambling need via the implementation of a state of the art automated system that is devised to display ads to site visitors and automatically browse through the content that is relevant to the search. Contextual advertising for online gambling sites is a special program that equips the market to effectively offer products and services that are relevant to gambling related activity to the right target segment, anywhere in the world. Contextual Ad Network for Gambling Websites enables you to grow within a dedicated network and display products and services to a number of poker sites, online casinos, sports betting centers and dedicated online bingo sites. Contextual advertising for online gambling sites helps you to captivate your target audience almost instantly.
While applying the magic of Contextual advertising for online gambling sites or Contextual Ad Network for Gambling Websites you get to target the right market segment online via select language and regional approach to offer a more one on one feel to the whole display. You can also check on multiple ads at the same time via the split test. This gives you an insight into which of the displays produces a higher ratio of click through. This in turn empowers you to replace the earlier choice and rake in the big ones immediately. Contextual advertising for online gambling sites ensures the inclusion of the right target keywords in the ad, including the headline and the description of your products and services.
Contextual Ad Network for Gambling Websites enables clients to sell benefits and effectively capture the attention of existing and potential clientele. This adds to profitability within a short while post advertising. The application also assists you in identifying ‘attention seeking’ ad words like ‘free’ and ‘bonuses.’ These enthusiasm provokers are power words that call the attention of the visitor to the site to profitable action and response. The Contextual advertising for online gambling sites application enables you to sell your Unique Selling Proposition or USP and highlight what exactly makes your products or services better than competition. You can also instantly link to landing pages that are created, to almost always convert more visitors.
The Contextual advertising for online gambling sites or Contextual Ad Network for Gambling Websites help you to eliminate the use of common words and concentrate the content in a way that every word counts. The system helps to track the clicks cautiously as well as the ad groups to scan and sift. The grammar and punctuation issues are also addressed via the system offering real value for the money invested. The ability to ensure that the ad text is grammatically perfect and the punctuation is flawless works to your advantage by bringing more attention to the company name. this is just the thing you have been waiting for all along.

Conyers and Leach bills go head to head

4/28/2003 ( This could be a pivotal week for Online gambling, as two competing bills are heard in a US House of Representatives subcommittee.

The Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security has scheduled a hearing for April 29 at 2 p.m. EST. During the hearing, two bills will be discussed: HR 21, from Rep. James Leach, R-Iowa; and HR 1223, which was introduced by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

Leach’s bill is the latest attempt to make Internet gambling illegal in the US. The bill would prohibit online casinos and sports books from accepting credit cards, electronic money transfers and a variety of other bank instruments as payment from US residents.

The Leach bill was passed March 13 by a voice vote in the Financial Services Committee. The totals of that vote were not recorded. At that time, Leach’s press secretary felt confident that the bill would go straight to the House floor for a full vote.

The Conyers bill would create a commission to study the feasibility of legalizing and regulating online gambling in the US. Conyers introduced the bill March 12 after putting the idea forth at the end of the last Congressional session.

Craps game terminology

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