Cosmetic slot machines come to you

Remember the old days when makeup used to take forever to put on? First you had to run around to at least a dozen stores. Then you had to find all the right colors, brands, and accessories. Don’t forget about trying to figure out which color goes with what, which outfits it will match, the list goes on……Today we have been relieved of that heavy burden. I would like to introduce the all new cosmetic slot machines.

How do cosmetic slot machines work?

Cosmetic slot machines can be found in almost every sophisticated mall. Cosmetic slot machines are located also in every major department store. I will explain what cosmetic slot machines are to all those still not familiar with them. No m ore spending precious minutes figuring out how to apply it. Thanks to cosmetic slot machines all that time wasting work is done for you. First type all your information into the computer’s screen. The computer will ask you all your information. Simply tell the computer your eye color, hair color, skin color, skin type, clothing being worn for that day and on and on. It all depends on your answers. After you answer all the questions, the camera will scan your image into the cosmetic slot machines. Next you will be given 5 choices to make. 5 images will appear with different makeup applications. Choose the screen that pleases you and insert $5.00 into the slot. Pull the knob all the way down towards you and out will come a piece of candy. Eat the candy when you want your makeover to take place. Slowly your face will transform into the image from the cosmetic slot machines. Enjoy it; you will stay like that for 24 hours. Cosmetic slot machines are the greatest. Soon people will have cosmetic slot machines inside their homes. If you really think about it, it’s not that expensive. If you figure out how much you spend on cosmetics, you will realize that cosmetic slot machines will save you money in the end.

Contain the spread of the game

We can not stop playing in a day and I doubt if this day ever comes. But there must be a way and some pretty wise state officials believe the game is too harmful to be developed on. Certainly we should not encourage it. Alternatively, what we can do for now is to contain it.

The game can be content. It only requires the state to limit gambling practices that would harm society. They can limit the game by monitoring the size of the bets, the age of the punters, the frequency of the bet and the availability of credit players, and other types of games. Nobody can implement such an approach sumptuary without approval of officials. But it’s a long shot as we watch officials watching the game as having more advantages than disadvantages.

The regulation is not impossible. In fact, the same regulation occurred in a landmark policy in 1933 that repealed the prohibition. The policy, sponsored by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., opted for state liquor authorities to secure the location of outlets for retail sales, for pricing, and for ordering advertisements. The optimal solution for the distribution of alcoholic beverages is to reach trade to satisfy only unstimulated and minimal demand in the interest of society. The goal was mainly to distribute the liquor in one condition to control it and not to earn income.

We can do the same for the game. The states had rushed to develop their real estate at gambling establishments. I think we should pause for a moment and evaluate what we are going into in the first place. Let’s collect evidence and have a clear and objective idea of ??its economic, social, and moral effects. In lotteries, operators should return to the original policy on advertising by removing those who are non-informational. Passive lotteries or those that are less exciting helps contain the ever-increasing gambling epidemic.

For casinos , public servants should begin to create the place, time and manner of gambling restrictions that would contain compulsive behavior and would always increase the economic benefits to the communities. In fact, the same restrictions had worked in European casinos where institutions charge membership fees, impose strict dress codes and admission, exclude patrons with records of gambling problems, prohibit residents from places, and limit the number and size of bets. Their casinos do not advertise or sell alcoholic beverages at gaming tables and do not extend credit.

The restraint of the game is just a start. We even doubt that policy restrictions may change what we, as human beings, have been used to do throughout history. But such a policy gives the moral tone of what our civilization can do. Let’s not forget that we are here to push our society to improve. Although through twisted reasoning we have connected the game to progress. But if the game and promotion destroy in just what we’ve built, it’s time for him to stop one way or another from -.