Craps Etiquette and Miscellany

When first coming to a table, if you bring cash, don’t hand it to the dealer. Put it on the layout, and he’ll pick it up and give it to the boxman.
If you want to make a quick bet while getting your cash converted to casino chips, tell the dealer the bet you want placed. He’ll tell you you’re on-it’s the only call bet most casinos will permit. The dealer will make the bet for you, then deduct that sum from your cashed chips.
You must make all line and come bets by yourself, placing the chips down in the appropriate area of the layout. After a point is established, you must make your own odds bets on line bets.
After a come bet is established, you can put down additional chips for odds wagers. Place them in the come box, but don’t hand them to the dealer. Don’t hand anything to the dealer, because the rules of most casinos forbid actual touching or exchanging of chips hand to hand with casino personnel.

If you want to make place bets, put the chips down on the layout within easy reach of the dealer and tell him what num­bers you want covered and in what amounts. He’ll make them for you.
When the dealer pays you off, he’ll put chips down on the layout as your payoff. It’s your responsibility to pick them up before the next roll of the dice, or they may be deemed a bet you didn’t want to make.
If you’re betting systematically, making two come bets with odds after a line bet, after a while you don’t have to tell a competent dealer what to do. He’ll automatically be placing the chips in the correct betting areas for you, accepting the odds bets, and putting them in the right places.

After you make a bet, pick your hands up. Keep your hands off the table when the dice are rolling.
When you roll the dice, make sure you hit the far wall of the table; otherwise you’ll infuriate the boxman.
If you smoke, make sure that you don’t drop ashes on the layout. The dealers and boxmen will get very annoyed by this.

Keep your eyes on your rails, watching and protecting your chips at all times. They’re your responsibility.
Also keep an eye on all your bets and make sure the dealer has made the proper ones for you. If he didn’t, you’ll bear the loss, should you not catch the mistake in time.