Conyers Introduces I-Gaming Bill

11/21/2002 ( WASHINGTON – As reported by the Netimperative: “Issues surrounding consumer protection, especially the prevention of underage and problem gambling, are at the forefront of the new bill, which is the first of its kind.

The key proposal, from John Conyers Jr, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, focused on the creation of a commission that could make recommendations regarding how the US government could regulate internet gaming, with the consumer in mind.

“Issues surrounding consumer protection, especially the prevention of underage and problem gambling, are at the forefront of the new bill, which is the first of its kind.

“…Conyers scoffed at the numerous campaigns to prohibit internet gambling, claiming that `this approach reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the internet’. He pointed out that `the international nature of the internet has rendered ineffective federal and state statutes governing the placement of wagers’…”

Counting Cards How You Can Escape Recognition


It’s not a secret for anyone which casinos don’t like black jack counters and frequently advise them to depart or to play another card game. Here, we will explain exactly how casino game management picks up counters and the way to behave whenever detected. We describe the actual counter measures which casinos make use of towards experienced gamers but many of all we show you how to calculate cards while not becoming caught.

Do Casinos Item?

Most gambling establishments possess rigid policies which ban any player from keeping track of credit cards whenever playing black jack, but some such as those in New Jersey don’t pay manual intervention to such gamers.

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How Can You Tell Regardless of whether A Casino Thoughts?

You don’t. But you had better act as if they just about all do and thus save yourself the actual embarrassment of being pushed out when they do care and if they catch you red-handed.

How you can Calculate With out Getting Detected?

Always remember that because playing card calculating is something that one does quietly, the only method to detect it is via observing you and the manner a person play. Thus, look out for the next:

1) Do not look in the cards associated with other players. Look once, count, and then move ahead.

2) Don’t look at the cards which have been discarded. Look quickly and then slowly transfer aside through transferring your look nonchalantly from player to player.

3) Alter yourAdjust your layout of wagering occasionally.

4) Alter the amount of wagering money each cycle.

5) Despite the fact you realize it, just lose one cycle or 2. Don’t bet a large amount upon those sets. But similarly don’t bet not big enough as well. If the gaming casino notices that you are always successful large and losing little, they might obtain suspicious.

6) Purchase potato chips of different colors after which blend all of them about whilst playing to confuse the dealer.

7) Speak with the other gamers while playing, but this is especially difficult therefore exercise this particular at home before trying this at a casino.

8) Choose your own seat carefully: possibly the first seat or even the 3rd just one so that you won’t need to twist your face about as the playing cards are dealt.

9) Dress-up casually simply because wise and elegant clothing make the dealers to consider you’re smart and they may watch you more closely.

10) Order a good alcoholic drink and make believe you drink this because they are looking for individuals non-drinkers who are staying alcohol free in order to count the cards.

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The common denominator of these is that you should never forget that the gaming casinos is viewing you and the way you perform. Act appropriately!

Assuming the Casino Catches On, Exactly what In the event you Perform?

Stay calm if the on line casino catches you keeping track of credit cards and abide by their own wants quietly. Do not make a hassle. When they ask you to leave, achieve this. The quicker you leave, the simpler it will be that you should come back later on. Remember that if one makes the fuss, everyone will remember a person, so desist from the unfavorable behaviour. Note that after shifts alter, the brand new staff won’t know you so all you have to do is actually watch for that and then you can begin playing again. You could also just enter the subsequent casino and start generating revenue presently there rather than jeopardizing casino staff through realizing a person.

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