Control of honesty in online casinos

The honesty of electronic casinos is a perennial issue, exciting to many players. Of course, the chances of winning directly depend on it. And do not forget that the players’ opinion about the moral level of the organizers of virtual casinos usually does not go above zero.

If in a normal casino a player, at any rate, sees a table with a roulette and a dealer, then in the electronic casino the client only has a screen with pictures. Indeed, the scope for fraud is simply unlimited.

But, nevertheless, customers play in electronic casinos. This is due to the fact that the owners of online casinos are trying to prove to their clients that they are honest with all the methods available to them.

Internet casinos that have Western software often represent, as a demonstration of their honesty, reports from reputable audit companies about the percentage of rates and winnings of customers and the credibility of the casino gaming software manufacturers that operates in these virtual casinos.

All this, of course, is good, but keeps for the casino a lot of ways in order to reduce the winnings of successfully playing customers.

The most advanced online casinos go further and give players the opportunity to play the game online using video broadcast. And yet, such a video also raises a number of questions. As an example, you can not see which specialized devices are in the roulette wheel or under the table for the game.

Currently, probably the most advanced algorithm, certainly capable of ensuring non-interference of a virtual casino in the game is the system of guaranteeing fairness of games on an independent MD5 algorithm .

Such an algorithm was first made available to players in the online casino and has since become the standard of fair play for Russian-language online casinos. Thinking about playing in any online casino, be sure of the presence of an honesty system (MD5).