Cops and Donut Slot An Interesting Peep on the Slot Variation

A popular but enjoyable slot variation, Cops and Donut Slot an interesting kind of video slots that offers two exciting bonus games, regular free spins and a jackpot prize worth 50,000 coins. This slot variation has clear and attractive graphics, which make it more fascinating to gamblers and slots players. To know more about the game, let us have an interesting on the basic features and game play of Cops and Donut Slot.

Description of Cops and Donut Slot Machines

This video slot variation works on typical 20-payline and 5-reel slot machines. One of the unique or distinct features of Cops and Donuts Slot is that the maximum bet and coin denominations the machines accept are different with each other. This only means that the maximum bet in a particular version of Cops and Donut Slot is not the same with another version of the game.

Players can easily determine Cops and Donut Slot Machines because the graphics on the screens of the machines are attractive and colorful. Most of the icons or symbols used on the game are related to polices, law enforcement and donuts.

The Slots Two Bonus Games

To open good opportunities to gamblers to win big amount of money, the slot variation features two exciting and thrilling bonus games which are Speed Trap Extra Round and Donut Eating Bonus Round. To qualify for the first bonus round, players should get a speed limit symbol on the right side of a reel and a video of a police mobile car on the opposite side of the same reel. When players activate this game, a highway between the police car and a speed limit sign appears and the bonus round starts.

Meanwhile, players qualify for Donut Eating Extra Round if all of the icons on the first three reels of the slot machine are fresh donuts symbols. The objective of this bonus game is for players to choose trays of donuts that have corresponding values of coins that they can get after the bonus round.

With all the attractive features, graphics and big prizes that the slot variation offers, there is no doubt that Cops and Donut Slot is one of the most visited and recommended slot variations to players who play slots for fun. However, for those who want to win big money in this game, it is best that they study and employ effective money management techniques to avoid losing big stakes when they play Cops and Donut Slot in casinos.