Cook Group Promised Orange County a Long-Term Commitment

Bloomington-based Cook Group released a statement that promised a long-term commitment to the project and to invest in the community. Cook Group invested $382 million in the Orange County casino project and promised that Cook is still committed to the casino.

It was a timely announcement for the revelation made by Cook Group’s partner, the Indianapolis-based Lauth Property Group. It was a lawsuit that filed against each others last month. Both suits are expected to be unsealed in a hearing Monday, July 31.

Last November, the two companies, Lauth and Cook had formed Blue Sky Casino LLC and signed a long-term contract, the 1,200-slot casino to open by late this year with the Indian Gaming Commission.

The project consists of many things like the renovations for two century-old hotels, constructions of an 18-holes golf course, a parking garage and a convention center.

Steve Ferguson, Cook Group’s president said in an interview yesterday, “I just want to alleviate concerns of employees, the people of Orange County and state government…that we are fully committed to this project.”

Ferguson noted that he and the Lauth executives remain under a confidential agreement involving this matter and the lawsuit, and so he declined to answer anymore questions regarding the matter.