Court takes its time on question of gambling expansion


More than six months after hearing arguments, a mid-level appeals court has yet to rule on the legality of the largest expansion of gambling in New York, one of the state’s most closely watched legal cases in years.

The Appellate Division of state Supreme Court typically turns around rulings five or six weeks from the time it hears oral arguments. The five judges given the gambling case heard oral arguments on Dec. 16.



“The silence is deafening,” said Cornelius Murray, a lawyer for forces seeking to have the October 2001 gambling law invalidated. The law was upheld by a trial-level state Supreme Court justice in 2003.

The October 2001 gambling bill was approved in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. It was designed to provide the state with an infusion of revenue to offset the devastating impacts to the economy and treasury from the destruction of the trade center towers.

It authorized the establishment of up to eight gambling parlors featuring slot machine-like video lottery terminals; up to six new Native American-run casinos; and New York’s entry into the multistate Mega Millions lottery game.

The new ventures, still incomplete, are already adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the state treasury. When fully implemented, they were expected to return an estimated $2 billion a year to the state.

That’s why the stakes in the court case are so high.

The legal challenge is based on various theories, including arguments that both video lottery terminals and New York’s participation in a multistate lottery violate the state’s constitution.


“The courts are an enigma,” said state Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Queens, who is among those involved in the gambling challenge. “I can’t answer why (it is taking so long). We were told it was imminent. I guess it still is.”

Randy Mastro, the former New York City deputy mayor who is representing the casino operator Caesars Entertainment in the case, declined comment. Some lawyers are reluctant to discuss pending court cases for fear their words could affect, however subtly, the ongoing discussions among judges.

The most frustrating aspect of the long delay to some of the parties involved is that the Albany-based appellate division’s ruling will not be the last judicial word in the case.

Murray and Padavan agree that the legality of the October 2001 gambling law will be ultimately decided by the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

Even if the ruling finds the gambling law unconstitutionally broad, lawyers for the state would immediately be able keep the decision from going into effect as they prepared their appeal.

“I would think that the decision, the sooner it comes out, the better because it helps to let everybody know where they stand and what still needs to be done,” Murray said. “I was hoping for a decision sooner than later. But the court has to satisfy itself that it’s done the right thing. They are obviously taking it seriously.”

Craps A popular casino game

Craps is a casino dice game that is steadily gaining popularity. Its root is traces from the French gamblers but it was modernized when it was brought to the American shore.

Basically, Craps is a wager game that leaves the fate of players bets to result from the roll of two dice. Its simplicity in terms of equipment requirement has made it a favorite in less conventional settings as well. You can find Craps table all over the world. In fact, it would be a favorite game among the soldiers.

The format of a Craps table is one that is filled with different betting schemes, similar to a Roulette table but not quite.

During a Craps game, a total of four significant casino employee hold posts. There are two low traders whose job it is to collect and pay winning bets, a boxman whose job it is to keep chips (or bets) and a stickman who supervise the bettor’s results and announces it to the crowd of players who surround the table.

The game of Craps starts when the players place a wager. The mode of betting in this case is in the form of casino chips that can be obtained through merchants. The betting scheme is posted on a prominent sign on the table. The minimum bet is usually $ 5 or less. After the bets are placed, two dice cubes are rolled, one at a time. After the dice roll, bets are evaluated. Loosing bets are collected while winning bets are paid in equal amount.

Craps can be played by one or more players. Each player is given a chance to roll the dice and be called the shooter. If you do not want to roll the dice, you can say so and pass the operation on to someone else. Whether you’re rolling the dice or not, you get the same odds as everyone else to ditch a win.

To reduce cheating, the shooter is asked to pick the dice from a set of five, offered by the stickman. The shooter will take one dice and roll it on the wall of the table with one hand. After a roll, the shooter is asked to take the other dice from the set. You can also choose to roll the one that used previously to consider that the boxman agrees to it after examining the dice to make certain that no cheating attempt will cross. The bettors’ results are combined to determine the final count.

Craps is a reasonably simple game, not counting the complexity of the betting types. Sitting on the Craps table can be extremely intimidating at times. Then again, it is becoming downright popular nowadays because like other favorite casino games, it can be pretty nerve-racking, which is significant for adrenaline rushes!

Could Legalized Gambling Actually Decrease Crime?


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Imagine a world in which police and other law enforcement officials could spend more time concentrating on violent crimes instead of illegal gambling operations. That is the possibility that presents itself if more states would legalize casino gambling.

Authorities in West Virginia this weekend have raided an illegal gambling operation and walked away with 144 gaming machines. They made no arrests in the raid. Dozens of law enforcement officials were involved.

At a time in the US when even law enforcement agencies are cutting back jobs, more focus is needed on illegal activity in which people are getting seriously, if not fatally, hurt. The time to focus on minor gambling operations has passed.

“In the US, there are people being robbed, homes and businesses being vandalized, and children being abducted. yet, law enforcement agencies continue to focus much manpower on crimes such as illegal gambling. It is taking up valuable resources that could be used efficiently in more serious crimes,” said a former officer who wished to remain anonymous.

States have started the process of changing their gambling laws. They are doing so to help with shortcomings in their budgets, but the residual effects could impact crime in these areas.

With gambling becoming legal in casinos, people will no longer have to go to illegally run operations to enjoy slot machines and poker.

“If more states legalize casino gambling, there will be no market for these illegal operations. If the demand is not there, then the money is not there. Once the money disappears, so does the illegal operations, leaving police officers to do more important work,” said the officer.



Craps is perhaps the most popular game of casino dice . It is a unique game in that there are two ways by which you can win in this game. Either you play as the shooter (the one who simply rolls the 2 dice), or just as a spectator making the bets based on the shooter’s throw.

Playing as the shooter:

A player throws 2 dice from one end of craps the table to the other. The sum of the dice is determined if the shooter wins or loses. Rolling “2”, “3” or “12” on the first roller is a loss for the shooter. On the other hand, shooting “7” or “11” is an automatic triumph. If the shooter rolls any other number however, he or she gets to roll again (and again as necessary). That the first rolled number (except for 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12) becomes the “point” of the shooter (or simply target). The shooter then aims to roll until he or she rolls the point or “7”. Roll the point before rolling “7” is a triumph. Rolling “7” before the point is a loss.

Place bets as a spectator:

Being a spectator is really a bit complicated than being the shooter as there are quite a number of bets that you can make apart from betting on whether or not the shooter wins. Here are some of them:

Step line – this pays off at 1: 1 if the shooter wins (ie the shooter rolls “7” or “11” on the first roll or the shooter rolls the point before “7” on rolls that have success). The bet is lost any time the shooter loses (ie rolling “2”, rolling “3” or “12” on the first roll or rolling “7” before the point).

Is the game played? the bet comes while the bet line of the pass, except that these are for bets only after a first roll has been made, and the shooter has neither won nor lost yet

does not pass the line – also paying off in 1: 1, this is simply the opposite of the bet line of the pass. In other words, if the shooter loses, the bettor also loses.

He ?? no bet is played because it does not pass the bet line except that these are for bets only after a first roll has been made and the shooter has neither won nor lost yet.

Odds Bet – these bets can be placed with any of the above bets. Disbursement depends on the point number, however.

6 large and 8 large bets – If the roll is “6” or “8” respectively before “7”, the bettor wins. This pays off at odds of 1: 1.

Ace and twelve bets – this pays off at huge odds of 30: 1 and is won by the spectator if on his next roll, the shooter rolls “2” or “12” respectively.

Any 7 and any 11 – the wins of the bettor if on his next roll, the shooter rolls “7” or “11” respectively. Any 7 pay off at odds of 4: 1 while any 11 pay off at 15: 1.

There are several more types of bets that one can make and the returns depend on the success probabilities of those rolls. The ones listed above are just some the most popular.

Cost for Hollywood Slots Project Grows Dramatically

On February 9, 2007, it was announced that the cost of building the Hollywood Slots’ “racino” has ballooned from $90 million to $131 million due to the soaring prices in construction materials, as well as the additional funds needed for building the hotel which is part of the project.

National Chairman and CEO of Penn, Peter Carilino, commented that the hotel is one of the main reasons why there has been a $40 million increase on the project costs. He added that with the positive results that have been generated by their temporary facility located on the main street and a good number of their customers traveling the distance to the Hollywood Slots in Bangor just to play slots, they have decided to build the hotel in addition to their permanent establishment. That way, their customers will not be forced to commute the long distance on their way home. Officials in Bangor are happy that the project will also include a hotel.

Edward Barrett, the City Manager, commented that he is very happy that the hotel plans will push through because the project will carry a huge assessed value when it is completed. In the meantime, Penn National will be continuing their operation at the Temporary Hollywood Slots in Bangor with about 475 machines in their offering located at the former Miller’s Restaurant. The establishment, which opened in November 2005, has already given more than $21 million to Bangor and Maine.

The new facility, which is 116,000 sq ft, will also contain 1,000 machines with an added space for 500 more machines. It will also feature 3 new restaurants, an entertainment facility, a merchandise shop and a parking area for 1,500 cars and trucks aside from the new hotel. The construction of the new facility will begin in April and should be ready for opening by mid-2008.



Counting Cards How You Can Escape Recognition


It’s not a secret for anyone which casinos don’t like black jack counters and frequently advise them to depart or to play another card game. Here, we will explain exactly how casino game management picks up counters and the way to behave whenever detected. We describe the actual counter measures which casinos make use of towards experienced gamers but many of all we show you how to calculate cards while not becoming caught.

Do Casinos Item?

Most gambling establishments possess rigid policies which ban any player from keeping track of credit cards whenever playing black jack, but some such as those in New Jersey don’t pay manual intervention to such gamers.

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How Can You Tell Regardless of whether A Casino Thoughts?

You don’t. But you had better act as if they just about all do and thus save yourself the actual embarrassment of being pushed out when they do care and if they catch you red-handed.

How you can Calculate With out Getting Detected?

Always remember that because playing card calculating is something that one does quietly, the only method to detect it is via observing you and the manner a person play. Thus, look out for the next:

1) Do not look in the cards associated with other players. Look once, count, and then move ahead.

2) Don’t look at the cards which have been discarded. Look quickly and then slowly transfer aside through transferring your look nonchalantly from player to player.

3) Alter yourAdjust your layout of wagering occasionally.

4) Alter the amount of wagering money each cycle.

5) Despite the fact you realize it, just lose one cycle or 2. Don’t bet a large amount upon those sets. But similarly don’t bet not big enough as well. If the gaming casino notices that you are always successful large and losing little, they might obtain suspicious.

6) Purchase potato chips of different colors after which blend all of them about whilst playing to confuse the dealer.

7) Speak with the other gamers while playing, but this is especially difficult therefore exercise this particular at home before trying this at a casino.

8) Choose your own seat carefully: possibly the first seat or even the 3rd just one so that you won’t need to twist your face about as the playing cards are dealt.

9) Dress-up casually simply because wise and elegant clothing make the dealers to consider you’re smart and they may watch you more closely.

10) Order a good alcoholic drink and make believe you drink this because they are looking for individuals non-drinkers who are staying alcohol free in order to count the cards.

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The common denominator of these is that you should never forget that the gaming casinos is viewing you and the way you perform. Act appropriately!

Assuming the Casino Catches On, Exactly what In the event you Perform?

Stay calm if the on line casino catches you keeping track of credit cards and abide by their own wants quietly. Do not make a hassle. When they ask you to leave, achieve this. The quicker you leave, the simpler it will be that you should come back later on. Remember that if one makes the fuss, everyone will remember a person, so desist from the unfavorable behaviour. Note that after shifts alter, the brand new staff won’t know you so all you have to do is actually watch for that and then you can begin playing again. You could also just enter the subsequent casino and start generating revenue presently there rather than jeopardizing casino staff through realizing a person.

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Craps Etiquette and Miscellany

When first coming to a table, if you bring cash, don’t hand it to the dealer. Put it on the layout, and he’ll pick it up and give it to the boxman.
If you want to make a quick bet while getting your cash converted to casino chips, tell the dealer the bet you want placed. He’ll tell you you’re on-it’s the only call bet most casinos will permit. The dealer will make the bet for you, then deduct that sum from your cashed chips.
You must make all line and come bets by yourself, placing the chips down in the appropriate area of the layout. After a point is established, you must make your own odds bets on line bets.
After a come bet is established, you can put down additional chips for odds wagers. Place them in the come box, but don’t hand them to the dealer. Don’t hand anything to the dealer, because the rules of most casinos forbid actual touching or exchanging of chips hand to hand with casino personnel.

If you want to make place bets, put the chips down on the layout within easy reach of the dealer and tell him what num­bers you want covered and in what amounts. He’ll make them for you.
When the dealer pays you off, he’ll put chips down on the layout as your payoff. It’s your responsibility to pick them up before the next roll of the dice, or they may be deemed a bet you didn’t want to make.
If you’re betting systematically, making two come bets with odds after a line bet, after a while you don’t have to tell a competent dealer what to do. He’ll automatically be placing the chips in the correct betting areas for you, accepting the odds bets, and putting them in the right places.

After you make a bet, pick your hands up. Keep your hands off the table when the dice are rolling.
When you roll the dice, make sure you hit the far wall of the table; otherwise you’ll infuriate the boxman.
If you smoke, make sure that you don’t drop ashes on the layout. The dealers and boxmen will get very annoyed by this.

Keep your eyes on your rails, watching and protecting your chips at all times. They’re your responsibility.
Also keep an eye on all your bets and make sure the dealer has made the proper ones for you. If he didn’t, you’ll bear the loss, should you not catch the mistake in time.

Cosmetic slot machines come to you

Remember the old days when makeup used to take forever to put on? First you had to run around to at least a dozen stores. Then you had to find all the right colors, brands, and accessories. Don’t forget about trying to figure out which color goes with what, which outfits it will match, the list goes on……Today we have been relieved of that heavy burden. I would like to introduce the all new cosmetic slot machines.

How do cosmetic slot machines work?

Cosmetic slot machines can be found in almost every sophisticated mall. Cosmetic slot machines are located also in every major department store. I will explain what cosmetic slot machines are to all those still not familiar with them. No m ore spending precious minutes figuring out how to apply it. Thanks to cosmetic slot machines all that time wasting work is done for you. First type all your information into the computer’s screen. The computer will ask you all your information. Simply tell the computer your eye color, hair color, skin color, skin type, clothing being worn for that day and on and on. It all depends on your answers. After you answer all the questions, the camera will scan your image into the cosmetic slot machines. Next you will be given 5 choices to make. 5 images will appear with different makeup applications. Choose the screen that pleases you and insert $5.00 into the slot. Pull the knob all the way down towards you and out will come a piece of candy. Eat the candy when you want your makeover to take place. Slowly your face will transform into the image from the cosmetic slot machines. Enjoy it; you will stay like that for 24 hours. Cosmetic slot machines are the greatest. Soon people will have cosmetic slot machines inside their homes. If you really think about it, it’s not that expensive. If you figure out how much you spend on cosmetics, you will realize that cosmetic slot machines will save you money in the end.

Craps game terminology

There is Best deposit bonuses online casinos no way to sort online casino roulette trick abzocke your list of games craps game terminology alphabetically. Help your decision making during hand.

A higher standard for retirement accounts. Window displays inspiring to shop. As a nation, I think we are online slots define moving toward a blended system, albeit at a really, really slow pace. In many cases, cable companies will be able to segment time slots for you according to the demographics of the viewing audience and the corresponding prices.

Seem to be a maniac. Pauline go is an online leading expert in the traveling industry. Moving out of rented property? There is always a rush to such sites as the great canadian casino view royal bc people are always in quest of the different prizes and the gifts to be won. craps game terminology

Enhance your knowledge on horse race betting systems. When you get the statement you craps game terminology can call the credit card company and report the misuse and dispute the charges.

Watch everyone roulette online live wheel smile and say; I was going to say, something here isn right, or maybe they are the luckiest person on the planet, or at least in this family on this day. It is the dream of the every slot player that if he enters the casino then he have to win the amount which can be more than his expectations. The professionals know better than that, they didn obtain long craps game terminology term success through guessing. This type of exclusion.